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John E
Memed from lost_spook: Give me a character and I'll tell you… 
14th-Nov-2016 08:18 pm
Memed from [personal profile] lost_spook:
Give me a character and I'll tell you my:

First impression
Impression now
Favorite moment
Idea for a story
Unpopular opinion
Favorite relationship
Favorite headcanon

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14th-Nov-2016 08:52 pm (UTC)
How about G'kar?
15th-Nov-2016 11:30 pm (UTC)
First impression: My first impressions for B5 characters are odd, because my first experience of B5 was a few episodes in the middle of Season 3. I think the first scene I can remember with him was the 'Swedish meatballs' conversation, and then riding to the rescue in the nick of time. So I just filed him as a fairly generic ally-with-his-own-agenda.

Impression now: I don't have so much an impression, as a wodge of canon. I do remember having a lot of fun writing his voice, the one time he put in an appearance in my fic.

Favorite moment: I'm fond of his little monologue about the ant in 'Mind War' — the first time we see that there's more to him than meets the eye.

Idea for a story: I have fond memories of a cake!fic prompt with him where the other character was Lucie (who'd definitely be getting used to that sort of thing by now).

Unpopular opinion: Not being particularly active in that fandom, I've no idea what opinions about him are popular or not.

Favorite relationship: It's got to be his series-long character arc with Londo.

Favorite headcanon: I'm not sure I have too much B5 headcanon, since JMS nailed the actual canon down so hard.
16th-Nov-2016 09:54 am (UTC)
Ha, I feel G'kar would thoroughly enjoy being in a cake!fic with Lucie; much more than Lucie would. :-)
16th-Nov-2016 09:56 pm (UTC)
I started thinking about it at lunchtime and that, as you know, is fatal.

"I do not pigging believe this," Lucie said, trying to scrape lemon drizzle cake off her blouse with her free hand.

"You seem upset," G'Kar said. He certainly didn't, despite having far more cake and far fewer clothes about his person.

"Too right I'm upset! This happens to me all the sodding time!" Lucie scowled. "Someone's got to be doing it on purpose."

"You suspect that you have an enemy?"

"Oh, I know I've got one of them." Lucie gave her blouse another defiant swipe. "Karen. But she wouldn't set up stupid traps like this. If she was gonna mess me up she'd do it herself. Up close and personal."

"What a fascinating life you lead, Miss Miller — may I call you Lucie?"

"Only if you want a fist in your sensitive bits, wherever you keep them." Lucie took a deep breath. "You don't get cakes exploding round here all the time, do you?"

"It is a rare occurrence, I agree."

"So how come you're talking like it's not anything out of the ordinary?"

"My dear Lu— My dear young lady, once one has been stationed on Babylon Five for any length of time, even the unexpected becomes commonplace. Yesterday a ghost stalking the corridors, today an exploding cake, tomorrow the arrival of a rogue Minbari bearing strange confidences... it is these little incidents that add bright curlicues to our plodding daily routine."

"Lemon drizzle cake in me down-belows isn't what I'd call a bright curlicue," Lucie said.

"Then as soon as we are freed, I shall place the laundry services of the Narn Embassy at your disposal. And while you are waiting for your clothes to be washed, I shall be entirely at liberty to provide what entertainment I can. I appreciate that for human women, we Narns can be an acquired taste, but I assure you that I do not lack experience."

Lucie put her hand to her head. "Do you have to be mad to work here?"

"No." G'Kar grinned. "But it helps, Miss Miller, it certainly helps."

17th-Nov-2016 09:44 am (UTC)
Fatal, but very rewarding! Hee, that was fun. It would be a pretty good day on B5 for G'kar, really. He's had much worse.
15th-Nov-2016 04:17 pm (UTC)
16th-Nov-2016 09:17 pm (UTC)
First impression: I don't think I had a coherent impression of him until I watched the first series from the beginning in the late 1980s. Before that I didn't really have an opinion of him as distinct from the series. After that, I decided his rubber-faced cringing series 1 characterisation was hilarious.

Impression now: I can't help cheering him on even while he's plotting the deaths of people who've done nothing worse than annoy him.

Favorite moment: So many, but I'm very fond of his conversation with the young crone in 'Bells'.

Idea for a story: I'd like to see more of the Roman set of characters we encountered in Back and Forth. And the Unconventional Courtship generator would like to see a Star Trek: Enterprise crossover.

256) Mistress Below Deck by Helen Dickson

Kidnap, deception…and forbidden desire

Edmund Blackadder's ship is no place for a lady — especially one as wilful and spirited as Miss T'Pol. Edmund is chasing pirates, T'Pol her kidnapped brother — and the price to board his ship is one night in his bed! T'Pol despises Edmund's arrogance, is immune to his lethal charm, and certainly doesn't quiver at his touch… her stubbornness wouldn't allow it! But she's boarding that ship come what may. Masquerading as a cabin boy, she's prepared for the dangers of the high seas…but is she prepared for the notorious Edmund Blackadder?

Unpopular opinion: Hey, I don't go round testing my opinions about Blackadder against popular consensus. Look at what happened to Michael Gove :-)

Favorite relationship: The one constant across the series is his master-servant relationship with Baldrick (and no, I don't ship them). So it wins by default.

Favorite headcanon: Again, not a fandom for which I have many headcanons; I seem to be content to take the episodes as they come.
17th-Nov-2016 03:52 pm (UTC)
The generator has a fondness for Bob I see:)

Nothing wrong with plotting annoying persons deaths;p

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