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John E
I don't seem to be able to write anything of use at the moment. Which… 
12th-Nov-2016 12:19 am
I don't seem to be able to write anything of use at the moment. Which is a pity, because
466) THE QUEEN'S LADY by Shannon Drake
By trying to help the reckless, defiant Mary Queen of Scots take her rightful place on the throne, Lady Victoria Waterfield is at perilous odds with Jamie McCrimmon, a laird accomplished in both passion and affairs of state.
The more Victoria challenges his intentions, the less he can resist the desire igniting between them. But will Victoria's last daring gamble lead her to the ultimate betrayal - or a destiny greater than she could ever imagine?

sounds like it could have legs as a genuine Two-era historical.

279) The Engagement Bargain by Sherri Shackelford
Make-believe betrothal
Rock-solid and reliable, confirmed bachelor Harry Sullivan thought nothing could rattle him — until he discovers he needs to pose as Sarah Jane Smith's intended groom. After saving her life, his honorable code bid Harry watch over the innocent beauty. And a pretend engagement is the only way to protect her from further harm.
Raised by a single mother and suffragist, Sarah Jane doesn't think much of marriage — and she certainly doesn't plan to try it herself. But playing Harry's blushing bride-to-be makes her rethink her independent ways, because their make-believe romance is becoming far too real…
227) Risky Engagement by Merline Lovelace
Sexy Sarah Jane Smith needs medical researcher Harry Sullivan to pose as her fiancé to help her bring down an international thief. Problem is, it's a little too easy to be 'engaged' to Harry. Sarah Jane knows that in the end she'll have to let him go for his own safety... but can she keep denying her heart?
364) Twice in a Lifetime - Kierney Scott
A second chance at redemption...
A lifetime ago, Jamie McCrimmon and Zoë Heriot were childhood sweethearts in a dingy Edinburgh block, dreaming of making it in the big wide world. But reality called. Jamie stayed to make a difference in his community, while Zoë forged a career in international finance and never looked back.
Ten years on, a friend in crisis brings Jamie and Zoë together in Dubai. There’s no trace of the girl he once loved – the woman Zoë has become is hard, mercenary, infuriating… and arousing. In an opulent desert city far away from everything he knows, can Jamie take the heat?

Then I gave the generator its head and what do you know? Eight's at it again.

177) Undercover Memories by Alice Sharpe
Reeling after being left at the altar, Martha Jones seeks comfort in her secluded cabin. But there's someone sleeping in her bed—a sharp-eyed, sexy stranger who claims to have no memory. While a little digging reveals Eight's true identity, Martha knows there's more to his past…and more to her feelings.
He may have been told who he is, but bodyguard the Eighth Doctor isn't satisfied with the answers, especially when they place Martha in danger. With his protective instinct in high gear, Eight vows to uncover his true identity while keeping her safe. But what if recovering his memory means he is the one Martha should be afraid of?
391) Much Ado About Rogues - Kasey Michaels
Who is the darkly handsome Dalek Sec? With his air of mystery and menace, the whispers about him hint of highwayman or even dark prince. But no one knows how dangerous he can truly be. Now Sec’s mentor has disappeared and Sec must track her down before it’s too late.
His unlikely help: the woman’s daughter – the very woman Sec had once wooed and betrayed. Lady Peri Brown knows more about the fine art of clandestine activities – and about the mysterious Mr Dalek – than he realises.
As their journey leads them on the adventure of a lifetime, their reunion is fraught with passion, high-stakes danger and the one twist of fate Sec never saw coming…

A highwaydalek! "Capitulate and remunerate!"

258) Lethal Lies by Lara Lacombe
Trusting the woman she loves could cost her her life
Putting her faith in someone who lies for a living isn't the safest thing Dr. Ace McShane has ever done. But to stay alive, she has to believe the undercover agent — who's kidnapped her to prove her innocence — isn't a traitor to the FBI. And to help her, she must deny their intense attraction as they run from two vengeful killers.
Her captor, the Mistress, has lived a life of lies — some worse than others. Still, there's one truth she's reluctant to disclose to Ace, the woman of her dreams. One that could stop their relationship cold.

Ace / the Mistress. Mind blown. But on the bright side, maybe Ace can put her lethal effect on boy/girlfriends to good use.
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12th-Nov-2016 01:07 am (UTC)
Who is the darkly handsome Dalek Sec?

There isn't much making me laugh right now, but this managed it. Thank you!
12th-Nov-2016 09:32 pm (UTC)
You're welcome.
12th-Nov-2016 09:16 am (UTC)
I could definitely see the Jamie & Victoria one making a convincing historical. (And both the Sarah Jane & Harry prompts would make smashing AU fics.)

And lol at the one with Eight losing his memory! This batch of prompts is eerily on point!
12th-Nov-2016 09:33 pm (UTC)
Not so much 'eerily on point' as 'carefully curated and tended' :-)
12th-Nov-2016 09:41 am (UTC)
That first Sarah/Harry one is beautifully in character! Lovely. :-)
12th-Nov-2016 09:58 pm (UTC)
They certainly seem to be one of the pairings that ring the generator's bells.
12th-Nov-2016 02:13 pm (UTC)
The generator knows what it's doing with Eight and the first Sarah-Jane/Harry:)
12th-Nov-2016 10:11 pm (UTC)
To be fair, so many of the summaries use amnesia as a plot device that it doesn't take long to turn up one with Eight.
12th-Nov-2016 02:54 pm (UTC)
So we have:

Two pairings where Jamie's Scottish.
Harry/Sarah where he's stolidly reliable and she's fiercely independent.
Harry/Sarah where he's a medic and she's working to stop a villain.
Amnesiac Eighth Doctor.

Guys, I think the UC generator is becoming sentient...
12th-Nov-2016 09:45 pm (UTC)
No, that's just me throwing away all the ones where Zoe's a Scotsman, Sarah's amnesiac, Victoria's a special forces veteran and so forth :-)
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